I Was Just Repo'd....Now What?


Tri Force treats you, your vehicle, and your personal property with the utmost respect.

We are not the reason your vehicle is here.  We are just the keepers of it.  Abusive language in person or over the phone is not acceptable.  We want to make this process easy and accommodating for everyone involved.

Call your financial institution. If getting your vehicle back is a possibility, they will give you the fees and tell you what they require. 

We take appointments for personal property and redemption Monday Thru Friday 10am - 4pm. You must call first and make an appointment.  Do not just show up, you will be turned away.

For property clean outs you will need to provide a Govt. issued photo I.D., keys to the vehicle, bags/boxes for your property, and tools to remove your license plate.

For vehicle redemption - your financial institution will provide TriForce with a release after you have provided them with all their requirements.  Call to set up an appointment to redeem your vehicle.  You will need to provide a Govt. issued I.D.  Redemption and storage fees may apply.